1. where’s the black guy saying it all with his eyes when you need him!

  2. “Just Gay It” ™

  3. Chris

    Awwwww! He’s having so much fun. He’s going to be mad when his Mom calls him in for dinner.

  4. Jill_Ess

    All that effort and he jumped too early.

  5. Topher

    I guess if you get enough Usher in you, you really can fly….

  6. AT

    how low is that hoop =))

  7. CC

    That isn’t basketball. In basketball the hoop is 10′. What a bunch of girls. I guess they were told to make it easy on the little rich boy.

  8. Justin Bieber demonstrating how even with a hoop 2 feet closer to the ground…a white kid can still fuck up a dunk.

  9. It had to be said

    God bless the kid on the left for being able to rip that fart right as Bieber went airborne. BRAVO!

  10. Its_me

    Canada….where basketball is played on a seven foot high hoop with a soccer ball.

  11. The Critical Crassness

    This would be more impressive if he wasn’t playing with one of those basketball sets from Fischer Price…oh well, at least it is more age appropriate than his actions in Hawaii were.

  12. Holy shit, that guy in the striped shirt and the guy letting out a toot are nine feet tall.

  13. 1. You’re playing basketball on a five foot tall hoop
    2. You’re using a soccer Ball.
    3. Scratching ass is more exciting than watching you dunk.

  14. MisterSuccint

    So fake: he doesn’t have any friends.

  15. cc

    What was it like? Well, let’s pretend that hoop is Selena’s vagina…

  16. Colin

    You know they could all dunk that without even jumping. *snort* Canadians.

  17. baron of all media

    Wait a minute!! Peter Dinklage got zoning approval for a regulation dwarf court?? Baller!!

  18. Richard McBeef

    It’s cool that Chris Brown let’s the Biebster play on the big kid’s court.

  19. whiskeyafternoon

    if Bieber fucks up getting that ball into that hole then rest assured that Selena Gomez is still a virgin.

  20. dhaddo

    It’s just like that scene from SpaceJam

  21. Wow, Canada really is a third world country. Why else would they play basketball on a six foot net with a soccer ball and shoes made of electrical tape?

  22. Dr Ha-Ha

    Rent Boys will play basketball with you, too? Do they charge similar rates for that as per their bedroom antics?

  23. fartbucket

    Next summer they’re TOTALLY raising that basket to 5 feet.

  24. In related news, Bieber’s press team accused of having trampoline Photoshopped out of basketball photo-op.

  25. KC

    Selena also can confirm that “White men can’t hump.”

  26. toolazytothinkofaname

    I thought the women’s dunk contest already happened…. and isn’t their hoop higher??

  27. cutthecrap

    not much to say, except that I think he needs a punch in the face

  28. Rico

    Being the Messiah, everyone knows that he isn’t fucking the dunk up. He’s just levitating.

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