1. Sweet Jesus. What has she been “wrist deep” into now????

  2. “my whole hand still smells like Lindsay…”

  3. The Critical Crassness

    While sniffing the back of her hand for missed flakes, Mischa tries to pretend she isn’t a coke whore.

  4. I see Misha’s back on her diet…

  5. Deryn

    Mischa Barton: God’s answer to “Who would Lindsay Lohan be today if she had never starred in ‘The Parent Trap’?”

  6. GeneralEmergeny

    Silly people.

    Real ladies don’t carry Kleenex.

  7. “oh gee, officer, she was not wiping away any coke. she was pretending her hand was a cobra. yeah that’s it officer”

  8. Bogie at 3 o’ clock.

  9. Deacon Jones

    The eyes say “help” but the speckled thighs say “turn away”.

  10. whiskeyafternoon

    Mischa’s friend puts a supporting hand on her thigh and assures her that there are only “5 or 6″ more cocks to suck before she can be considered for roles in Hollywood again.

  11. “Hey wake up, I think someone wants to take your picture!”

  12. cc

    Wha..? The person I am cabsharing with is an actress? Who?!

  13. JC

    How many knees are in this picture? Is this a clown car?

  14. fartbucket


  15. Cocaine dust maneuver

  16. KC

    This picture has a built-in snorting sound. Everyone hears it.

  17. cutthecrap

    whatever you do, don’t smell your fingers!

  18. Evil Jim

    She was in my bar the other day. Made her a few mai-tais.

  19. Danicat

    “And when I hold my arm like this, I look *just* like Lindsay. So I could play her in the movie about her life. Wait, she could play me. Or I could – oh fuck, whichever one of us doesn’t die first can play the other one. We’re both equally good actresses.”

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