1. “I’ll take this one.”

    “Very good, sir, shall I wrap him up or will you sodomise him here?”

  2. “Hey, does this one come in black?”

  3. He’s only window shopping. We all know he likes his bitches with a lot more ass than this.

  4. Rent Boys on parade.

  5. Kanye not doing a very good job hiding his gayfish nature…

  6. How connected do you have to be to get into Tom Cruise’s secret stash?

  7. “What…? No tits?”

  8. Cap'n Obvious

    Jesus, this guy redefines the term “douche”. I’d rather go camping for a weekend with “The Situation” than have two spend one minute with this retard. My sympathies to the ass kissers pictured above.

  9. “I can finally own a white person. I will take them all.”

  10. “I’ll take 20 of them. And tear up the pants on one for my wookie.”

  11. JimBB

    Soon my clone army of Pet Shop Boys will be complete!

  12. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Excellent work!!”

    “Thank you Mr. West!”

    “..and you have 100 more? Just like this?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Good!! By the time Kris has sex with all of them, that dick riding
    bitch Kris will be off mah nuts.”

    “Very, good sir.”

  13. Swearin

    “Have them processed and injected into Kim’s ass, face and tits by nightfall.”

  14. buzz

    Anyone else reading “Pity u homo” as the location of whatever this weird “magical night” is?

  15. And the real Kanye West comes out. The rich truly are not like us, they can pick out sexual partners like normal people pick out bottles of wine.

  16. s45qu4tch

    I hadn’t heard Kanye was doing a remake of “The Ice Pirates”

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