1. You can never go wrong with more ass shots.

  2. You may not have notice from all of her previous posts, but turns out Claudia Romani has a butt…

  3. I would like to put my initials in hickies on that lovely butt.

  4. Leading TCWM with Claudia’s ass?
    That’s a bold move, Cotton. Let’s see how that works out for him.

  5. IdDoThat

    “You wanna’ do WHAT? I DOUBT IT!”

  6. Nice. She’s a regular here but that Ass is redemption. Nice natural yet firm with no cottage cheese and probably could bounce a penny off it.

  7. Do you think she’s like “I have TITS too you know!”.

  8. J-Dizzle

    When you start TCWM with this, it’s all downhill from there. Stop no further. Only Katy Perry or Kate Upton’s bare breasts appearing here could beat this.

  9. Her and Anastasia Ashley must belong to the same ‘how to be in 9000 photos that all look the same’ club.

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