1. “Who’s a bad bad mom?”

  2. “Are you gonna swallow that thing or what?”

  3. The Vulcan symbol for “Have too many kids, and die.”

  4. Fuuuuuuuck this woman.

  5. “Oh my God, all these mediocre people.”

  6. I don’t know if it’s the photo, but she looks downright homely. I hope it’s not a communicable disease.

  7. IdDoThat

    “You want me to do WHAT?!”

  8. kravdan

    Seeing her own reflection she was instantly turned to stone.

  9. JimBB

    “Kate, where are your kids?”

  10. “Bitch please. Ooops, that was my reflection.”

  11. Swearin

    “So Kate, how many of your kids unequivocally hate your guts by now?”

  12. Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly how I expected her to handle a black microphone.

  13. “Kate, how many of your grown children can you fit in your vagina right now?”

  14. in a galaxy far far away


  15. The desperation is kicking in, her finances must really be in bad shape.

  16. oldfool

    This is why I no longer bother with GMA.

  17. I swear…My ex husband was alive the last time i tried to drive him to suicide.”

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