1. The little one looks worried… maybe its past the big wookies feeding time….

  2. Little Tongue

    If these two came out of the same vagina, they clearly didn’t come out the same set of balls.

  3. The little old lady sighed, getting out of her chair to find cover under her mahogany coffee table as soon as she heard her window shutters rattling. “Not again – why can’t that horrid, nouveau riche heathens walk else where?” Moments passed, and the rattling got louder – glasses rattled in the cupboards, dust from the chandelier dropped to the ground as the crystals chimed.

    Soon the rattling stopped, and the little old lady crawled from under her table, and thanked the Lord that she survived as she brought a glass of scotch to her lips. Next time, she might not be so lucky.

  4. ugly and uglier. WHY, why do people pay attention to these ugly, ugly women?

  5. ultra

    I thought you needed fake handcuffs to fool the Imperials. Or…


  6. Normally I would accuse photo boy of Photoshop trickery but that’s no perspective shot, that’s a huge bitch!

  7. buzz

    Someone tell her to stop ripping her fucking denim like that. Nobody wants to see what she’s wanting to show.

  8. “…nah…needs garlic”

  9. Cock Dr

    You know the Hampton summer crowd must just love having this klan and their cameras crews around.

  10. It’s growing


  12. Cap'n Obvious

    Holy fuck. Nuke it from orbit.

  13. JimBB

    “Look rookie, I didn’t ask the Chief for a new partner. But since I’m stuck with you, just keep your mouth shut, and get in the car, okay?”

    “Okay. Hey, I like your gun!”

    “For the second time, it’s not a gun. It’s a bowcaster!”

  14. Wow. Way to klass up the Hamptons.

  15. “Come with me if you want to live.” (Dammit! I knew the Terminator reboot was going to suck!)

  16. Zohan

    Orson Welles would be proud of the ‘illusion’ of perspective in this pic.

  17. “Ehh shaat up Chester.”
    “But Spike, I know where there’s a cat we can beat up!”

  18. Jade

    I see she dumped the diet.

  19. Chaz

    This can’t be real…It must be the same camera trick that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman use to employ.

  20. remember back when Khloe was all slim and in shape? Way back like two weeks ago, and several runs though photoshop filters?

  21. Swearin

    True story, they were in the running to play Hodor and Tyrion

  22. “Fuck, I hope she does not try to eat me again”

  23. Flatliner

    Are they making a reboot of My Bodyguard?

  24. Master Blaster runs Barter Town.

  25. Oh, I thought this was Penn and Teller for a second there.

  26. “Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?”

  27. wow, next to Bigfoot even Kourtney look half way ok . . .

  28. cc

    Excellent, throw on workboots so her feet sweat and stink…she’s going for the whole package.

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