1. Maybe Witherspoon could loan her some chin?

  2. Could you park any further away?

    • anonymous

      It’s LA. You need room to duck and cover from gunfire at any give moment. Last thing you want is to duck behind your truck that’s parked 2 feet from the pump.

    • tlmck

      Something tells me she is one of those who parks at an angle between the pumps so no one else can get in, and then replies “whatever” when you point that out.

    • cc

      Kim K was driving.

  3. She may be Cuoco for coco puffs and may one day be as big as a barn but it is not this day and this day I would so love to fuck her.

  4. I assume Ryan is hogtied in the trunk.

  5. TDUTS

    Typical, woman gets married and cuts her hair short.

  6. She got the “Just Married” chin and ass combo.

  7. She’s really changed from that Rant sports related links picture.

  8. Here, Kaley, let me pump that. And when I’m done I’ll put some gas in your car.

  9. When did she turn into Kate Gosslin?

  10. Can you believe that she is #20 in Maxim’s Hot 100?

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