1. “Some people don’t think I’m a good director, and I’m not a particularly good actor. But one thing I can do is SMILE. Where’s my check?”

  2. kravdan

    “My hair is like my movies…all over the place and a complete disaster”

  3. JimBB

    The smile of a man who still thinks he cheated Lou Cypher on the deal.

  4. That smile is really exploding off of his face.

  5. The Winchester

    Everyone thinks all the cocaine is up there on the screen, but I saved a little bit so I could get through tonight without storming off stage.

  6. Why bother tying a decent windsor knot…he’ll just get a special effects team to fix it in editing. And it’ll probably be an exploding robot after they’re done.

  7. 10 seconds later the entire room and everyone in it blew up.

  8. Pilin

    Finally Josh Groban dye the hair…

  9. How does this guy keep getting women? He looks like a British politician… No offense to the British.

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