1. Stereotypes exist for a reason, it would seem.

  2. Where’s the black & white horizontally striped shirt and the beret?

  3. 70′s porn star look is making a come back

  4. Cock Dr

    Because he’s gotta keep Halle happy.
    If Halle ain’t happy then she’ll make sure no one is.

  5. Olivier Martinez misunderstood what Halle meant when she dared him to “bring the pain.”

  6. IdDoThat

    “He told me is was this bid last night, and “Honestly” I believed him!”

  7. JimBB

    He looks like that sleazy gangster that always gets whacked about midway through the movie.

  8. The French are so adorable. He can pleasure her with this and make bruschetta without ever leaving the kitchen.

  9. Ugly french dude is ugly.

  10. Wow, that’s a big loaf. He better lube it first.

  11. Is he getting in a black Firebird with Sally Field ?

  12. So cliché, not even worth making fun of…

  13. DavyT

    “Once I would be fucking Kylie Minogue… and now all I have is this bread… merde…” (fin)

  14. I haven’t seen someone carrying bread that oddly since yesterday, when I saw a guy carrying a pizza under his arm like a book. Like not flat, but vertical. I was so pissed off I rolled down my window and yelled at him “THAT IS NOT HOW YOU CARRY A GODDAMN PIZZA”. He looked a little scared.

    Thinking back, I might have come across a little unbalanced.

  15. anonymous

    Sean Penn just called wanting his look back.

  16. Flatliner

    And here I thought all along that Halle was the bread winner.

  17. Seriously, a fucking baguette, seriously?

  18. cc

    ‘Wow, what a baguette!’. This guy boxes so remember to enunciate clearly.

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