1. This is what happens when you cycle off — you go back to looking like a normal person.

  2. “Gawd-DAMMIT this water is cold. My package just shrunk to about the size of two grapes and a cherry gummy worm.”

  3. cuddles

    Holy shit, he looks like Ashton Kutcher… THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

  4. Cap'n Obvious

    Someone needs a new roids prescription.

  5. All them gains… lost.

  6. He’s obviously playing an affable young fellow whose gayness just comes tumbling out of him at the most comically inopportune times.

  7. Meh. Still has permanent French Stewart eyes.

  8. “Oh Tom, you are so silly, why did you push me down?”

  9. KC

    His abs went out with the tide.

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