1. Cock Dr

    Go on honey. Keep making yourself look desperately needy. Show everyone more.

  2. my furture ex -wife.

  3. I stink

    this is exactly how i like to see this chick. nice tits, small waist, and no head.

  4. You know what would be awesome? A vibrator painted like Boba Fett.

  5. AleisterCrowley

    Now that Peter Brady’s out of the picture she’s really laying it on thick for her next conquest: Potsie!

  6. baron of all media

    My light saber has lift off.

  7. HC66

    I’m not Han Solo, but something in my pants just made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

  8. TechNut

    Man, I bet old Peter Brady couldn’t keep up (and keep it up) with her! She has GOT to be one crazy sex kitten in bed.

    • Dan


      She probably wants to do it in front of the mirror so she can watch herself.

      I am thinking a selfish lover.

    • metacritic

      She┬┤s bipolar, and as some of us have had the good fortune of discovering, crazy chicks like to shag all the time…

  9. shoe

    too hot

  10. Hugh Gentry

    call me a hopeless romantic, but I’d release a load on her.

  11. yoyoblack

    bad boob job

    • Burt

      That boob job cost more than you earn in a year at McDonald’s.

      • yoyoblack

        i don’t work at mcdonald’s… but bad boobs are still bad, no matter what price is on on them. boob job should make them look round and symmetrical, not one round boob and one not so round. quit being stupid.

  12. Sheppy

    Not bad… not bad…

  13. I don’t like to discourage women from sharing sexy photos of themselves…but damn this chick is desperate for attention.

  14. CharmlessMan

    She’s really got to stop doing this. She’s ruining my standards for all other women.

  15. Judging by how much this reeks of desperation, my first impression was that this was LeeAnn Rimes, and that she already got another boob job.

  16. LingerieLover

    As long as this girl is going to continue to send us pics of her boobs in bras, (and we all know she will) I wish someone would take her for a proper bra fitting. I’d be happy to volunteer.

  17. Turd Ferguson

    She is so pathetic.
    I have never seen anyone not named Kardashian try so damn hard to be noticed.

  18. She forgot the steak dinner and video games.

  19. Raerae

    Attention-whore: table for one

  20. As long as we’re talking about things that don’t naturally go together, would the male equivalent of this picture be a fat shirtless guy wearing a belt buckle of like six supermodels?

  21. SIN

    Every nerds wet dream. A beautiful woman that is into Star Wars.

  22. Jock McCrock

    the only people these bolt-ons would convince would be er.. hardcore Star Wars fans, so at least she knows her market.

  23. whiskeyafternoon

    i’m starting to think that she is a nerd construct and not a real human. if the next twitpic is her in lingerie with a “coding python in a nutshell” book, I’ll know I’m right.

  24. Rough, a love story

    If I see George Lucas in a weiner scandal in the coming weeks, im done with humanity.

  25. wilsjay

    The perfect accent to my own “Hans Solo”.

  26. wilsjay

    THESE are the droids I’m looking for.

  27. tlmck

    I got rid of the old man. I should be more famous now right?

  28. fartbucket

    just show your vagina already.

  29. KC

    Sadly, still the face of Chewbacca.

  30. holymoly

    ahhhem…sorry to break the news, but bill gates is married and I’m pretty sure George Lucas and Jabba the Hut are one in the same at this point, but good luck with reeling in that super nerd…

  31. asdf

    I feel like I’m looking at a man with a bad boob job.

  32. GG2G

    Tits or GTFO… okay you can stay.

  33. gluten

    i fucking hate this bitch. i started to get a boner but then i read the tits belonged to her… flaccid town :( :(:(:(:(:(:(

  34. PopeyesChicken

    I’d like to surmise that she tastes even better than my chicken. Mmmmm Mmmm!!

  35. She needs a Chewbacca pearl necklace to complete the outfit.

  36. Brennan Haley

    It’s a model design for the new SpaceBalls sequel, “Something something something Dark Swartz” The movie opens with two enormous breasts entering frame from above, with Tim Conway hollering “Those aren’t moons … or spacestations!!”

  37. Steelerchick

    That star trek belt buckle goes to prove that she still loves geeks!!

  38. arnieblackblack

    scruffy lookin’ nerf herder – with tits! She made my tractor beam, etc, etc – shoot me…

  39. Trenton

    Well, the skinniest Star Wars fan ever, but not the biggest tits. For a girl maybe.

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