1. Cock Dr


  2. Getting in shape for his next movie, “Fat Guy on a Golf Course.”

  3. nnr

    The virtuous Russell Crowe: The Gladiator who once had a Beautiful Mind Inside his Commander. So Tender is his Body of Lies, his Proof of Life oh who I love his Tenderness. But let me tell you it hase been A Good Year for Crowe, indeed it has and in the Next Three Days he will eat the Sum of Us and give us the Proof that finally he can be Marshmallow eehh ..Cinderella Man.

  4. Daily Moisturizing

    You know the world is a very unhealthy place when what use to be fit attractive men have bigger breasts than most women do.

  5. AleisterCrowley

    He’s pretty much a shoe in for the role of any dad in every show or movie.

  6. doogleberg

    Good news: Richar Masur will be reprising his role in the remake of “The Thing”.

  7. so un-sexy – why do some women find this attractive?

  8. Tanzarian

    When did my dad get famous and change his name to Russell Crowe?

  9. CharmlessMan

    It’s… it’s like looking into a mirror.

  10. It’s just not fair that we men are held up to such impossibly high standards, while the women always seem to get a free pass!

  11. cc

    If you had about 20 teachers in school that looked just like this, raise your hand.

  12. Alison

    Phil Margera really kept himself up since Celebrity Fit Club.

  13. Turd Ferguson

    I’d motorboat those puppies.
    There, I said it.

  14. Russell Penguin.

  15. Shorty80

    Apparently he’s in a weight gaining competition with K-Fed.

  16. Cut him some slack – clearly he’s training for the competitive eating circuit.

  17. Joe

    I seriously thought this was Phil Margera of Jackass/Viva La Bam/CKY fame for a second. No joke.

  18. whiskeyafternoon

    what a coincidence, I saw a crow near my house eating discarded pizza off the ground. trendsetter!

  19. Poison Ivy League

    Artie Lange is back and ready for action!

  20. UnholyKrep

    My name is Aurelius (double) Maximus.

    I come seeking a horse, a very large horse.

    And a wagon for my snacks.

  21. Laluni

    January Jones isn’t the only one who got knocked up by an X-man

  22. Dan

    Phil Margera?

  23. KC

    He is changing his name to Russell Grow.

  24. winston

    “F**k it, Dude, let’s go bowling. “

  25. Dorian Gray

    Roly Poly Tomasi.

  26. holymoly

    freedom! no, wait…. was i in that movie…

  27. Ben Whofleck

    Russel Crowe? I hear he’s the rich man’s John Goodman.

  28. CManSb

    Wow, seeing this makes me feel much better.

  29. lili

    Good to see K-Fed is shedding some weight.

  30. MisterSuccint

    Has he been cast to play Jor-El, or Krypton?

  31. JMS

    Looks like he’s finally Americanizing.

  32. Jerky McPumpoff

    I heard he’s auditioning for 2XL-Men: First Bypass.

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