1. looking at pics of Adrienne Curry’s latest Twitter pics. she went into shock as her breasts aren’t as lovely.

  2. neo

    SHE B THINKING, yup i’m f#cking fine

  3. Colin

    So it’s a penis? I don’t get it.

  4. AleisterCrowley

    At first glance I thought she’s in deep thought but now I think she’s probably just in a thoughtless daze

  5. CharmlessMan

    What is this thing you humans call… love?

  6. cc

    She’s caught in the downward spiral of ‘bad skin, more makeup, worse skin, even more makeup’. It ends at Fergie.

  7. cc

    If my cordless drill had a face this is what it would like 1:59:00 into it’s 2 hour charge.

  8. “Illogical. Illogical. All units relate. All units. Norman, co-ordinate.”

  9. This is why it’s a bad idea to wait until the Stepford Wives clearance sale.

  10. Cock Dr

    RE: The dress
    Are they hem-nipples, or are they nipple-hems?

  11. whiskeyafternoon

    are her nipples crying? I would too if I were a nipple without a breast.

  12. that is what i call the “cat thought.” you know, when your cat is staring intently at the wall but nothing is there.

  13. LadyJ

    “I wonder- if I get a boob job, will my career exist again?”
    Ex-Congressman Weiner: @EvaLongoria YES!

  14. Bison

    I saw the same mannequin at David Jones yesterday, but it was wearing an angora sweater.

  15. I think, therefore I is.

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