1. Number 2

    I’ve never laughed at Chevy Chase until right now.

  2. Come on old man, do the fall.

  3. Tanzarian

    One the set of Fletch 3: Medicare Mediscare.

  4. Doctor…doctor…doctor…

  5. CharmlessMan

    This is as funny as I’ve ever seen him be.

  6. bbiowa

    Don’t you have to be a “once was” to be a “has been”?

  7. That must be a heavy book if it takes 2 of them to carry it.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    Mitch Comstein?

  9. After about a half hour we realized he wasn’t moving anymore but we didn’t want to disturb him. He just looked so peaceful. Be careful stepping around the rope.

  10. AleisterCrowley

    Maybe I’m a dufus but I like the Vacation movies. The original and the Christmas that is.

  11. Urbanspaceman

    I’ve been wondering between which two of his movies did he get his dentures but I can’t bring myself to watch his stuff.

  12. whiskeyafternoon

    wow, Russell Crowe makes Chevy Chase look ripped!

  13. Rough, a love story

    “Im Chevy Chase and you’re not”

    Hm. Ok.

  14. Crabby Old Guy

    I’ll be eternally grateful to Mr. Chase for so efing full of himself that he bailed on SNL in season 2 and that opened the door for Bill Murray to take his spot. The talent upgrade was 100-fold. That’s followed by the asshat declining the “Otter” role in “Animal House” – thus, again, allowing for 100-fold upgrade in talent and making “AH” a classic.

    So, thanks CC – you’ll always be that gawd-awful hack who could have really efed up some quality show or movie in my book!

  15. Martin Bormann

    The jowl screams Fries Like Us.

  16. Bison

    Didn’t he die, like 17 years ago?

  17. Steelerchick

    All I remember from him is the line in Xmas Vacation as he’s passing the truck. “eat my rubber” ha ha

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