1. Oz Matters

    Can you get a tumor in the arse?

  2. She’d better be careful or she’ll stretch that shirt.

  3. ad nasuem

    Does this ass make my ass look big?

  4. TurkusMaximus

    Her ass just looks straight up funny in this pic. Haha funny.

  5. Jill_Ess

    When she sits on it, does it make that whoopie cushion sound?

  6. Mashara

    Is she trying to botox her lips into proportioning her ass?

  7. Minkita

    Anyone who wears UGGS is suspect to me… ESPECIALLY if you’re wearing them in JUNE. Dumbass…


    she’s a midget standing next to that giant.

  9. DavidNGoliath

    Peter Dinklage sure got HOT!

  10. Richard McBeef

    Does this big ass make my ass look big?

  11. stratacat

    Shh… don’t tell anyone, but she keeps Khloe in there.

  12. TomFrank

    That’s right, America. She tries on jeans by pulling an extra-large T-shirt over them and seeing how her ass looks that way.

    All hail our reality-show queen!

  13. Turd Ferguson

    At least she doesnt look like a snobby, self centered bitch in this photo.

  14. I wonder if she’s taller when she sits down than when she stands up.


    Yes, Honey, the jeans make your ass look big. The CHAIR makes your ass look big. The PHOTOS make your ass look big. The CARPET. . . . .

  16. See, she’s just like us, she puts her jeans on one leg at a time. Of course she DOES require hydraulics to get them up over her ass…

  17. A friendly word of warning… do NOT click on View Full Size! I just got back from buying a new monitor.

  18. “Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills… and her ass in West Hollywood.”

  19. Deryn

    Well, that’s just silly. There is no way that can be real. Can it?

  20. The Listener

    Fake boobs. Real booty.

  21. BigDaddy

    Her hair and her face look like shit. Must be time for him to pee and give her a shower.

  22. KC

    We’re gonna need a bigger belt.

  23. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Minaj is winning

  24. “that’s nice, but does it come in black?”

  25. CharmlessMan

    I don’t care how hot she thinks her ass is, all I can think is how horrible it must be to wipe it. Shitwalls.

  26. GG2G

    I’ve never met a woman with an ass so big, though someday I’d like to.

  27. cc

    Her proportions are grotesque.

    And there’s no way she buys jeans of the shelf.

  28. bbiowa

    The trash can of American culture.

  29. CC


  30. dontlooknow

    The Whorus Maximus in her natural habitat; notice the vacant look in the eyes, the peanut-butter-stuck-to-the-roof-of-the-mouth gaping maw…see how she feigns interest in something as she subtly turns the gluteous gigantus towards the camera….

  31. Dave Mustaine

    Think about the horrible diet this talentless piece of garbage consumed t oaccomplish that ugly ass.

  32. don

    “yep, those 3 pairs of pants are enough to cover my ass”

  33. Kamrynne

    Well!!! If the navy ever needs some help or she get stranded in the ocean .
    The navy and coast guard can use her ass as a booey and emergency safety flotation device ….so she does serve some purpose in the world other than being a human toilet, that she is….
    P.s. I am sorry if I misspelled booey…. Ooooppppsss!!!!!!!!’

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