1. Hey Seabiscuit, why the long face?

  2. SSHGuru

    Her face is starting to look like George Clooney. Without the boobs I’d get confused.

  3. So what does an anus seared by several firecracker attempts taste like?

  4. Contusion

    And this is why it’s better to shoot her from behind on a yacht with a long lens from the dock.

  5. it had to be said

    Another great use of the “scroll” function on your computer.

  6. Pierce Bronzetan

    This horse eats Cheerios AND Steve-Os.

  7. Man Face strikes again! Get Dick Tracy on the phone!

  8. theoriginal LJ

    After Steve O … thanks.

  9. The horrendous manface is a common side-effect of the skeletal look so many women are going with these days.

  10. El Jefe

    Steve O. Turns back and walks away.

  11. Raoul

    Damn! John Hamm even looks hot in drag!

  12. “Why, yes, ladies and gentlemen. These are the breasts that George Clooney got to suckle, squeeze, and otherwise manhandle.”

  13. Quijibo

    Nice tits, Manface.

  14. anonym

    Proof that george clooney is gay.

    look at that manface

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