1. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Hmm… e… e to the two pi… ice cream..”

  2. Hmmmmm Am I the biggest douche here? Yes, but what about the planet?

  3. cc

    Oh c’mon, summer of the douchehat, part II?

  4. CK

    “If a douche poses in a hat, does anyone give a shit?”

  5. Raoul

    “To douche or not to douche? That is the question.”

  6. “Hmm… Jude Law? Never heard of him.”

  7. Posing for the unsuccessful “Contemplative Suicidal Hemsworth-Wannabe” meme.

  8. I like the hat, but what’s it doing on a dickwad like him?

  9. CranAppleSnapple

    Look at the effort! He’s gonna have a bitch of a headache later.

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