1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Those prostitutes in the background had better be on sale.

  2. it had to be said

    I bet she could crack walnuts with those thighs. Or break ribs.

  3. lily

    strong legs!

  4. Captain Obvious

    Scroll back up and make the AT-ST walker sound. No shit right?

  5. dboffer

    Squats 300 easy.

  6. She taps her hoof once for ‘yes’.

  7. cc

    With a hat like that, she’d better jump into an Austin-Healey and say ‘Cheerio!’

  8. Seriously, are these women afraid that their purses are going to eat their keys and phones?

  9. Oh, Mr. Photographer, won’t you look a little to the right and show some love for Ms. Jean Stapleton? She may have left television, but she has never left our hearts.

  10. journalschism

    She’d be nowhere near Beverly Hills without Eddie’s ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ money.

  11. Blech

    Just casually taking a nice afternoon stroll… while thinking constantly about not falling flat on her face.

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