1. Josephus


  2. Contusion

    “Prometheus, do you copy?”

  3. Something tells me he’s pregnant.

  4. it had to be said

    He might have more stretch marks than Octomom.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Oh no, I think he ate Kirk Douglas

  6. The caption should read, “Tracy Morgan’s belly looks exactly like a giant penis head, at the Ghetto Film School Annual Benefit Gala in New York City.

  7. Ghetto Film School?

    But I see white people in the background.

  8. Pierce Bronzetan

    Flashbacks of Total Recall.

  9. Le

    Will Ferrell called…

  10. cc

    Ew. A navel that looks like an anus.

  11. Inner Retard

    Wanted to write: Tracy, this only looks good when a 25 year old hot chick does it. But all I could think was: Fuck you!

  12. bigalkie

    Eddie Murphy knocked up one of his trannies.

  13. disillusionisreal

    That is gross.

  14. Ghetto Film School, Editing 101: Security Camera Footage.

  15. Bonky

    Ratchet, very very ratchet.

  16. Looks like someone shot him in the gut with a .50cal machine gun.

  17. Quijibo

    Did he have a C-section?

  18. tlmck

    “Look ya’ll! This is my only talent!”

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