1. 100 Bucks says he has screenshots of the Kim K porno as his desktop wallpaper.

  2. Robb7

    I love how his latest screeching goes against all things materialistic. How he’d rather be in a factory than his Maybach — and where does he present this new shit — at the ArtWorks Show in Basel to an audience of multi-millionaires!! There seems to be a disconnect with this fucking hypocritical moron!!

  3. All men piss like that after a lot of beers but not in public on a laptop.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Kanye West after finding out that, not only does the Swedish Chef from The Muppets not live in Switzerland, he’s not even real.

  5. caley

    Guy in the back, texting his friend: “I don’t get it, all he’s done is stuck the microphone down the back of his pants and repeatedly farted, but everyone here is nodding their heads, stroking their beards and going “Mmm hmmm” and “That’s tight.” “

  6. George P Burdell

    Owa…Tajer…Kiam…. Owa…Tajer…Kiam….Owa…Tajer…Kiam…. Owa…Tajer…Kiam….Owa…Tajer…Kiam…. Owa…Tajer…Kiam

  7. “Once I finish my meditation y’all are welcome to come forward and touch the hem of my garment…”

  8. Only Kanye’s own music can stir him like the earthy puissance of the smell of his own farts.

  9. Please God…reverse that pregnancy!

  10. Tennessee Tuxedo

    What a Jesus complex! If I was carrying his child, I would be absolutely terrified. It would be a cold day in hell before I left the baby with that psychopath for ten minutes. He’d probably think the kid could walk on water and throw it in the pool. Poor kid!

  11. Now is the perfect time to punch him in the dick. A better time would’ve been 9 months ago.

  12. What most people call publicly masturbating to internet porn, Kanye calls it a listening session and charges a ridiculously high ticket price.

  13. lawn

    “Please let me wake up now, please let me wake up now. . .”

  14. Vladimir

    “…please Jeebus, if you abort this baby now, I promise to dedicate my life to You. 700 Club, hangin with the lepers, letting people finish…I will do whatever You want…”

  15. “Damn, my music is good… hey, I wonder if I wiped all the jizz off of my goatee from that ‘bathroom session’? Ah, fuck it. It’s not like anyone is gonna take any pics of this”.

  16. fuck kanye

    So those are the losers that actually listen to his music…
    i’m kidding, I know losers that listen to his music. They all put that song on, the one where he does that stupid voice box shit for 3 minutes at the end (you know the one, “runaway” i think), and sit there saying he’s the best, he’s amazing, he’s sooo good…makes me sick to my stomach.

  17. Allion

    “God help me get rid of KK, let me go off her hook!”

  18. I cant exactly tell but I bet he is either slowly inserting or taking out Kris Jenner’s detachable penis.

  19. “Quick, while he’s got his eyes closed, stick a street sign in front of him!”

  20. blonde

    So many white people, he’s all aglow with their crackerness.

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