1. Mr. Sensitive

    Renner asked a question that really stumped her.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Hey Jeremy. How long did it take you to write your commencement speech?”
    “127 Hours.”
    “Wow, that’s a lo- Oh, fuck you!”

  3. Deacon Jones

    “…how’d i get talked into this Kathryn….”

    “I promised I wouldnt tell the world I caught you blowing my hair stylist”

    “oh. right.”

  4. Goddammit. I already wasted my fart-sniffing joke on Kanye.

  5. who has mucho more eyeliner?
    senorita kathryn bigalow?
    senor jeremy renner?

  6. When Hogwarts lost its accreditation.

  7. I think you’re supposed to take those off after the haircut is over.

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