1. Better known as one of Chris Brown’s Greatest Hits.

  2. vandinz

    This is exactly how I crack a fart too.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “Got a little skank in you?”

  4. Mr. Sensitive

    “Anybody got a match?”

  5. caley

    “This damn British food, mushy peas indeed!”

  6. rican

    Hey, it’s Captain Morgan!

  7. “Lactaid gives me the confidence to skank it up all night long. Thanks, Lactaid!”

  8. Icehawg

    Ohhhh snap. Kanye’s gonna be pissed she’s jacking his style.

  9. lori

    Vulgar and untalented. America loves its trailer park trash performers. Oh! She’s one of us! Look at that! Maybe I can aspire to this. #lowestcommondenominator

    • stooooopid

      So a skank from Barbados performing in The UK represents America? I agree she’s vulgar and talentless but you make no fucking sense.

  10. Tennessee Tuxedo

    It looks pretty awkward but airing out a cooch is one of the best things for a yeast infection.

  11. icu

    FFFFRRRRAAAAAAAPPPPPPTTTT! “Ooh that felt good, been bottled up inside there since yesterday…”

  12. One onlooker reported: “She came out on stage, scratched her cooch for ten minutes, farted and then left. It was her best performance to date!”

  13. If you stare at this pic long enough, it looks like shes actually sitting on a leg-lamp chair.

  14. schadenfreude

    This is how Chris used to stomp on my head.

  15. Skeeter

    Who moved the fire hydrant?

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