1. He will soon be on his way to hog heaven.

    • donkeylicks

      Well, a Harley isn’t going to provide the same kind of coverage as the Pope Mobile after all but I guess he’s in God’s hands.

  2. “A gift from the gay lobby, your Holiness.”

  3. Mr. Sensitive

    “So, there’s room for somebody to ride in back? A small boy, perhaps?”

  4. caley

    “Ride or Die. Argentinian Bad-Ass Motherfu-…I can’t wear this!”

  5. Deacon Jones

    The underground gay club they have in the Vatican can find some good uses for that jacket! Giddyup!

  6. I’d have pegged the Pope as more of a chaps man

  7. Harley Davidson…really? The guys who are supposed to be rebels? The Wild Bunch? Easy Rider??? Sucking up to the Catholic freaking church? What the hell is wrong with people?

  8. It would be better if the senile paedophile were to wear it around the vatica to show how tough he is…

  9. “Bless you, my son, this is fucking metal!”

  10. “It says, ‘Live to Pray, Pray to Live’…because I couldn’t find a decal for the Backstreet Boys”.

  11. Now he is a genuine member of Heck’s Angels.

  12. born to be BLIIIIII-ND…………..

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