1. Jade

    Carrot-flavored lip gloss!

  2. Insert horse joke with a cigarette here please,” “

  3. I have always wondered how you glaze a turd.

  4. Is that a camel? (Cigarette)

  5. Didn’t know Mane N’ Tail made a lip gloss.

  6. rican

    Ooohhh, now I get it, Compound W to remove the wart on her face!

  7. I guess she is texting because she is a little ho(a)rse….

  8. I wonder who follows after her picking up her road apples…

  9. I guess SNIFFING glue wouldn’t qualify as cannibalism.

  10. Testing out the new Garnier Moisturizing Liniment.

  11. Those blinders are fancy.

  12. The more pics I see of Sarah J., the more I’m convinced that Matthew Broderick is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just… you know…

  13. Please be vanishing cream…

  14. Pine Table Fever

    Sarah completely misunderstood the instructions for the pregnancy test when it said ‘use orally’.

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