1. ThisWillHurt

    A man so distracted by deleting his hate mail, he doesn’t realize he’s about to hit the wall.

  2. “google maps says ‘gropecunt lane’ is around here somewhere…man a picture of that is gonna kill on twitter”

  3. caley

    “A surprise party for me?! Google Maps says his place is right around here somewhere! I wonder what BYOG means? And what kind of name is Photo-Boy!?

  4. “Dear Diary: How come no one likes me?”

  5. Mail from Demi….delete.

  6. “Siri, how can I kill two women and make it look like an accident?”

  7. “Siri, where am I?”
    *beep beep* “You are in doucheville.”
    “How do I get out?”
    *beep beep* “Kill yourself.”

  8. Nobody's Second Cousin

    Trying so hard to look like every other normal guy in the world…and then there are the $1800 shoes.

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