1. Oh good, they put a yolk on it.

  2. Yolks on her! We’ve already seen where her baby will out out of!

  3. dasd


  4. ThisWillHurt

    Thought that was a cowbell around her neck. A missed opportunity.

  5. Somewhere, a hotel room ceiling fan is missing its tassel.

  6. RayJ

    Whore Cow
    Fake Cow
    Pissy Cow
    Narcissistic Cow
    Lonely Cow
    Desperate Cow
    Used Cow

  7. Mr. Sensitive

    It didn’t take Kanye long to gnaw through his tether and escape.

  8. caley

    Is this the first photo posted on The Superficial in 3-D?!

    Her stomach follows me wherever I go!

  9. I can’t decide whether she looks more like a Weeble or a Russian egg doll.

  10. rican

    Sudden distaste for olives.


  12. Jay d

    aint gonna lie , Them titties look juicy

  13. Cock Dr


  14. I’d imagine that those nipples are the size of Village Inn pancakes. But with more hair.

  15. Skippy86

    Guy in the background, its funny till it shits on you.

  16. Robb7

    Ugly, just plain ugly

  17. Meshuggah Tits

    In every picture like this, there’s a black guy in the background who isn’t Kanye.

  18. I would have opted for a big, copper bell, but a tassel will do, especially since it’s not attached to her areola.

  19. Golden water buffalo tail, to shoo the flies away.

  20. She looks like you could put a toothpick through her and toss her into a giant martini.

  21. Tennessee Tuxedo

    That baby must be exhausted. Stay home for a day. Eat some pickles and ice cream, Take a day off once every couple of years. Think about the kid every so often instead of your career and your photo ops and you you you.

  22. “Excuse me…Do you have anything bigger than an SUV to carry around my fat,bloated, untalented,sex tape making, pregnant ass?”

  23. broduhjenner

    I wonder if kanye thought of his album name after seeing pregnant kim kardashian YEEZUS!

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