1. See his tattoo yo? My man dizzy over here did it with a sharpie!
    That boy is talented!
    Hurt like a mofo but you gotta suffer for your art!

  2. Jade

    This game is called “Who’s the Bigger Douche?”

    Your choices:

    The silly young ignorant one, or the older one hanging with the silly young ignorant one.

  3. Pretty Boy is jerking off to the guy on the right see hand sign?

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Rock beats scissors, yo!”

  5. Rob

    I didn’t know that guys had instagram too

  6. Deacon Jones

    “I kissed a guy, and I liked it!!”

  7. Please God, let him grow up to be a Corey Haims, and not a Corey Feldman.

  8. George P Burdell

    No pink, so two in the stink.

  9. Matt

    Ok, so is it two in the stink or two in the pink? Maybe he’s trying to tell us that Justin has a vagina?

  10. Skippy86

    Beat him like a baby seal.

  11. Ah Yes! There is that first day in prison look we can all appreciate…

  12. Does this stupid, insignificant, egocentric little piece of vomitus actually think, somewhere in his alleged mind, that his posing as a (c)rapper somehow makes him look cool?

  13. You know, I TRY to think of funny captions for the pictures, but sometimes the picture is so goddamn funny all by itself, and already says SO MUCH…. Shhhhhhh, just look at it… Just look.


  15. Fourteen shots to the dome. THE DOME!!

  16. CK

    “I give him ‘the teaser’, he gives me ‘the pleaser’. We’re homies.”

  17. Tennessee Tuxedo

    If this little shit’s 19, like we’re supposed to believe, why has his voice never changed? Why is he hairless except for his head? Why is he built like a 10 yr old girl? Why does he hang out with 14 yr olds? I’m pretty sure the douchbag on the right is his father. He needs to be publicly caned for having such an asshole for a son.

  18. Having the Thundercats logo tattooed on your shoulder is so gansta.

  19. bleg

    Why is Kevin Smith hanging out with Justin Bieber?

  20. Non-belieber

    Justin Bieber is one random tattoo away from becoming Aaron Carter, and he’s cool right?

  21. rob

    he looks like a scared kid. can’t someone on this kids payroll teach him how to just man the fuck up already.

  22. Schadenfreude

    That’s 2 strikes, Justin. One more and I fuck you up bad!

  23. Beiber thinks this is a photo op, Carlos knows this is a date.

  24. you just know this little twat waffle thinks he’s all bad & buff. everyone else knows he’s fucking pathetic.

  25. maroon.

    no, I mean maroon #5, assholio.

  26. Any minute now, Suge Knight will be dangling him from a hotel balcony. It’s science.

  27. donkeylicks

    Well you were certainly right about the queefing.

  28. “So where do you get the hats with the bills on the side? Every time I go to buy a hat they only have the ones with the bill on the front.”

  29. Looks like these two are debating on how may fingers are going up Biebers ass first.

  30. whatwhatinthebutt

    “This is where the heroine will go when I OD.”

  31. AWOL

    “This guy just shoved his entire arm up my ass!!”

  32. jerkface

    Justin! Do your impression of Jaden Smith!!!!

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