1. Deacon Jones

    Where’s a rag soaked with chlorophyll when you need one?

  2. maoix

    Thin privilege is being able to pull your shirt away from your stomach. #yesallfatties

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Me: Let me help you with your bags.

    Candice: Does your penis need to be out while your doing that?

    Penis: Hell yeah bitch! (My penis is very vulgar.)

  4. That’s very nice.

  5. LOL at old dumpy bag to her right wearing same shirt.

  6. Ronaldo

    She looks good any at any time, at any place. Dear Lord!

  7. Short Round

    Yet, when I pull on her t-shirt she has a fit.

  8. JimBB

    And the no matter how much magic the great Wizard Hermione waved her magic wand, no spell could make her tiny boobies grow.

  9. Swearin

    Whoever invented skinny jeans for women needs a Nobel Peace Prize. Conversely, whoever invented skinny jeans for men needs to be put before a firing squad.

    • malaka

      i feel like skinny jeans for men came first around the time of
      the bee gees.
      regardless, i think the guy who invented yoga pants deserves the nobel prize way more than the skinny jeans guy.

  10. cc

    You realize that a woman with an ass like that never besmirches her ass by farting…they just don’t.

  11. “I thought is was only my shoes?”
    “No, miss.”
    “And thought it was just when you got ON the plane?”
    “No, miss.”
    “And, don’t TSA agents usually have their pants ON?”
    “No, miss.”
    “Oh… well, alright.”

  12. cc

    It looks as though she didn’t escape the fusillade of spontaneous ejaculation after all.

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