1. Looks like he made her angry earlier.

  2. oh my god!!

    Scott, run!!! She’s going to hang you upside down in ice and then devour you!

  3. dick nose


  4. Apparently the jean designers decided to reinforce the back bot not the legs against farts….

  5. Eejut

    Ah, the elegance of the Hamptons.

  6. dennis

    Khloe is a huge fan of the Nope clothing brand. She’s wear nope jean, a nope top, nope bra….

  7. When is he going to go “American Psycho” on this family?

  8. She was actually starting to look good for a minute a few weeks ago. What happened to make her fall off the wagon?

  9. Maria

    She squatted down to pick up her bag when an unfortunate accident happened, with both of her thighs and part of her vagina bursting out of the denim jail they were barricaded in. Not even a steel reinforced suit of Armour could control the beast that is Kardashian thigh fat

  10. That fat fucking bitch!! No tits , big ass and a lamprey taking along.

  11. Sorry Cowie, there’s not a pocket book big enough to hide that toe.

  12. “Fuck that I can’t let Rob get all the attention, I must get fatter than he is”

  13. JimBB

    I guess an Alien queen’s blood really is acidic.

  14. IdDoThat

    “I knew I shouldn’t have tried to fit into these… I knew I shouldn’t have tried to fit into these… I knew I shouldn’t have tried to fit into these…”

  15. Is the aspect ratio REALLY correct on this photo?

  16. Why does it look like her bra is on backwards? That shit is fucking with my head.

  17. That fucking cheating sonofabitch Scott Disick. He’s going to take her to the boat house and slip her a quick four inches. Isn’t he supposed to be with one of those other Kardashian women?

  18. Lasagna hog

    Did Wolverine dress her this morning?

  19. Remember when seeing a woman’s bra was supposed to be sexy?

  20. toby

    I clicked on view full size but all I see is a button straining to hold that mammoth ass

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