1. There’s the panicked look of someone who realized she stole Auric Goldfinger’s bag and the Tin Man’s back pack.

  2. CrashHell

    How does Lindsay NOT get cast in the Adderall Diaries? For shame Hollywood, for Shame.

  3. 2 bags and none she can claim are actually hers…

  4. anonymous

    So is booze and drugs like cheating? Doesn’t really count if you are doing it in a different country…

  5. She’s your problem now England. We keep Kelly Brook. No take backs!

  6. When she doesn’t layer herself with makeup she can’t afford anymore, she’s actually still pretty

  7. Did Chateau Marmont change its name to the Chiltern Hotel or is this the new hotspot for cocaine?

  8. JimBB

    “…Just be cool. No one knows what’s in this backpack. None of them are cops. And they don’t have probable cause anyway….”

  9. Am I to infer from this photo that they haven’t thrown her out of Great Britain yet?

  10. Bishop

    She roofied herself again, is my guess here.

  11. “Did you see Bono come by here?”

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