1. K-tron

    “Alright Manganiello, I’m gonna go like *this* and if your nipple gets in the way, it’s your own fault.”

  2. After years of pondering, I think I now have solved what the elusive AC in AC Slater stands for: All Cock…

  3. Alcide Herveaux. I love that name.

  4. I see Mario can’t contain and hide his lust any longer.

  5. Still spittin’ Manganiello pubes 10 mins later.

  6. buzz

    That guy is taller and in better shape than Mario. I bet Mario is just seconds from losing his shit.

  7. “You know it is a tradition on this show for Maria to blow the guests we have on the show.”
    “Alright! Let’s do this where is she?”
    “She’s running late *smack*… I’m filling in.”

  8. “So, a Mexican and an Italian walk into a bar…”

  9. Make no mistake-Mario is going straight in for the lick and he’s not going to hold back this time.

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