1. Billy Idol gets it.

  2. Has he been moonlighting with The Prodigy?

  3. In the midnight hour
    She cries more more more
    With a rebel yell
    She cries more more more

  4. Still rockin’.

  5. Seriously, I thought he was dead.

  6. JimBB

    With a Rebel Yell, I cried STROKE, STROOOK, STRUUUUUUUU!!

  7. Jentilly

    Lol I thought that was Miley in the thumbnail pic

  8. Ken

    Sorry, World.
    I can’t help but feel partly responsible for this. ‘Rebel Yell’ was the first concert I ever attended. Platinum Blonde was opening and after finishing their bit the band appeared on the floor next to us during Billy’s performance. A certain young lady was on my shoulders, displaying her remarkable assets for the whole stadium to enjoy – with a private sampling to follow later that evening.
    A while back I mused “I wonder what ever happened to that certain young lady”. A short time later she initiated contact with me. This set me to reminiscing about that night in 1984 and the various entertainment I experienced. Soon after that I heard “Standing in the Dark” on the radio by none other than Platinum Blonde. I realized, sadly, that neither 80s music nor that young ladies’ assets are as alluring as they once were.
    And now this.

  9. Guys, I just realized we may have been misconstructing Miley Cirus’ influences.

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