1. renotastic

    He looks great with his goatee AND his beard.

  2. I can barely notice their 13 year age difference.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Travolta and Preston look more natural than these two.

  4. Wolverine has been going through an experimental phase since Jean Grey died.

  5. anonymous

    Unlimited access to Marvel Studios steriods must be awesome. You look like Joe Public until another Wolverine movie needs to be made and bam! you are big as hell and ripped to shreds after three months.

  6. Quiz: how many beards do you see in the following photo?

  7. JimBB

    Is this the scene where the cowboy shoots his aging horse in the head?

  8. “Why hello there stranger. Are you going to violate me sexually?”
    “No, but I am going to ask you where did you get such fabulous shoes!”

  9. Swearin

    So he’s becoming Yosemite Sam, and she’s becoming Porky Pig.

  10. Looks like he shaved his head, too. Something tells me he didn’t get the role of Peter Pan after all.

  11. Harrison Ford's Twisted Ankle

    Guy Fox on holiday with a “refreshed” Dame Judy Dench. “Remember, Remember, the length of MY member.”

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