1. Hey look, it’s Little Red Riding Hoodlum.

  2. Yo, gurl Imma treat you bettah than Chris. Imma still beat ya but I’ll buy you an ice cream later…

  3. ThisWillHurt

    Further up and a lot harder, man. A LOT harder.

  4. cc

    How not to look gangsta…make smooshy face.

  5. Vladimir

    Glad to see Theo Huxtable doing so well…

  6. I hit it first! – Chris Brown

  7. Swearin

    Even after making millions of dollars, Rihanna is still keeping it ‘hood.

  8. That’s unfair. Anyone’s vagina would be that wide after repeated fisting from Chris Brown.

  9. “Dis here finger. She like it when I use dis finger.”

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