1. dontkillthemessenger

    At least 1 of the 3 balls in this pic is not going to survive this swing.

  2. I’m a little scared. and a little aroused. I’m scaroused.

  3. Mark B

    Her: So, you want a hand job?
    Me: No. No I do not.

  4. Her father must be so proud, and also her steroid dealer.

  5. Cock Dr

    Makes you wonder what she would do with that physique and ferocity in the boudoir.

  6. Max

    Hulk smash! Hulk serve. Hulk win!

  7. journalschism

    Escorts the King Slayer. Plays tennis. Brienne of Tarth does it all.

  8. Peel the layers to reveal a scrumptious dick.

  9. JustOneTime

    Tennis? REALLY! This is UFC shit… and all my dimes are on her!

  10. Man, it looks like she’s trying to control the ball with her mind.

  11. GordonGEICO

    I was going to say “He may have a female name…” but I don’t know what the fuck a “Sabine” is.

  12. brooke hogan?

  13. tlmck

    Must have gotten into Serena’s steroid stash.

  14. That gal is sporting some fucking guns. I wish I could get her to come over and help me rearrange my living room.

  15. You’d think that by now seeing the Beyonce impressions would get old, but they still get a laugh from me.

  16. Nettie

    Jon Hamm penis sight…..oh.

  17. smanchwhich

    god damnit. i was going to say “i had been wondering where they got the arms to photoshop onto beyonce from,” but theoriginalJ beat me to the beyonce punch. Touche, you elegant bastard.

  18. the white william’s sister

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