1. B&WMinstrel

    I like to call the gays the old words like benders or benjies. Does that make me a hipster bigot? I don’t know. You probably don’t even know what those words mean but, as I was saying to Chomsky, that’s my problem not yours.

  2. This is what happens when you challenge the sale clerks at the K-Mart clothing section to “Make me look like Johnny Depp.”

  3. yoop

    Apparently he splurged for the happy ending

  4. Must be his Groupon or his pimp cut.

  5. cc

    He’s kind of like a younger, gayer Kojak.

  6. Vladimir

    Jeff Goldblum could make this work…but, you’re no Jeff Goldblum.

  7. “Health Within Massage”? Someone just finished fisting Billy’s ass in there, didn’t they?

  8. bonerofcuntention

    WTF is a Message Parlor

  9. Jenn

    Is a message parlor a place where you go, and lie on the table, and they talk softly to your back? A back whisperer. Relaxx….you’re not tense.

    • No, silly. See the envelope in his hand? It’s a special message. That’s what you get at the Message Parlor. His probably says, “Dude! Button up your shirt! You look like crap.”

      • I had to recall my actual sign in name to reply. Augh!
        It’s true, he also looks like an escapee from a hipster old folks’ home. And the smirk says, he stole something on the way out!

  10. This is how Reddit thinks it looks when it puts on its fedora and combs its neckbeard.

  11. It looks like he stole that jacket from Peter Dinklage.

  12. Happy ending: Achieved!

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