1. They managed to photoshop all the coke out, good stuff

  2. Cock Dr

    They managed to Photoshop off all the nicotine stains…well done.

  3. I really hope they chlorinated that water.

  4. anonymous

    From her lower neck to the bottom of her ass has been retouched and they didn’t even try to hide it. Someone should tell the photoshop artist that blur isn’t the only tool in the program.

  5. cc

    ‘The New Coke’

  6. It’s appropriate that she is “The New Face And Body Of St.Tropez.”, because she has clearly gotten a new face and body.

  7. bitch yer really not all of that, OK?

  8. sitsdeep


  9. sitsdeep

    while they were fixing her, why didn’t they fix her feet?

  10. Jenn

    And her demon eyes. They burn me!

  11. What a bunch of assholes.

  12. Kelly

    She’s on a 23 year run of hotness. That’s pretty awesome. Even the hottes chicks gets 10 years at best (check back, Kate Upton), except for the lucky few

  13. lily

    clearly photoshopped an ass onto her, since hers looks like a saggy pancake.

  14. Even the water looks shopped to hell.

  15. The photoshoppers were working overtime on this one.

  16. Pete

    I’m a Kate fan, but the photoshopping is so severe here that if you didn’t tell me who I’m looking at, i would never have known it was Kate Moss. Her face looks nothing like her face.

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