1. yourmom

    So glad this site doesn’t have sound.

  2. There’s just too much going on.

    First it looks like some kind of weird Serge Gainsbourg thing. But somehow she’s like 45 and probably older than Mr. Creep Stare.

    Then there’s the obvious big black microphone thing. But that hand gesture like she’s doing a flippant puppet impression of what he just said / sang overpowers her O face.

    And is that a really low hanging earring or did her in-ear monitor pop out?

    Or… invisible harmonica solo?

  3. “Um, excuse me, miss. You do realize that you’re white, don’t you?”

  4. chicks in fedoras make me want to punch babies.

  5. This is the part where the drunk uncle storms the stage at the Bat Mitzvah and tries to sing a duet.

  6. “I want my hat back.”
    “I said, I want my hat back!”
    “Look…Keep the hat! Just shut the fuck up!”

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