1. Deacon Jones

    uh, yeah, so for all those times Ive been insisting Kim K has ass implants, due to my deep knowledge of Brazilian porn, here’s Exhibit B.

  2. Uhmmm did one of them buy the deluxe ass package?

  3. How can anyone look at that and not burst out laughing?

  4. Photographer: “Okay, now both of you turn and flip off the camera! LOL!!!!!!”

  5. littletongue

    Ladies… There’s a difference between badass and bad ass. Look it up.

  6. Marketing Mike

    Isn’t the one on the right married to Hefner?
    She looks like shit.

  7. “Now pretend to be mad at the photographers you told your location. Nice. Make sure to keep your asses in the shot at all times. Excellent”

  8. Pickle Nose

    When you have back rolls like that, the tight crop top may not be the best choice of clothing.

  9. Why are you flipping me off? I didn’t put those things in your asses.

  10. Apparently, only one was molested as a child.

  11. bob

    fucking pig sluts

  12. dennis

    Not sure why they are giving the photographer the bird. After all, they are the ones paying him to take the pics.

  13. Edgy. Not as edgy as say losing 30 lbs before baring your midriff, but edgy nonetheless.

  14. what’s two tire rolls up from gunt?

  15. Oh, that’s rich, coming from these two.

  16. The Mapes Hotel

    The one in the grey just got out of prison I believe (its one of the two) for trying to smuggle her Canadian boyfriend across the boarder so…

  17. …this is too ridiculous, even for me.

  18. Daaamn, they got fat. And ass implants

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