1. “You were supposed to bring balance to the force, not dress like an asshole!”

  2. Cock Dr

    I think Hayden plays for both teams.
    He must be exhausted but exhaustion doesn’t excuse his sartorial choices.

  3. I assume this is karma coming to bite him in the ass for Star Wars.

    • CrashHell

      I think he gives Karma the finger, in fact, the same finger he had up Bilson’s cornhole everytime Star Wars cracks come up. “Oh I can’t act? Smell this. Smell where Visa can and will Never be Bitches!”…

      …that’s what I’d do.

  4. btreese

    I wonder how it feels to be thought of in the same way as Jar Jar and ewoks.

  5. joe

    This will certainly quell all the gay rumors.

  6. Macauley’s looking better every day

  7. Hey Vader, how about you force levitate some of those beer kegs over here…or are you just fucking useless?

  8. Vlad

    High Tide By The Lake At Naboo

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