1. Wow. I had to look at that for a few moments to make sure that was an action figure. Definitely in the Uncanny Valley.

    • eatme

      …ummm, yeah, I think Fish was being a bit sarcastic there. This doll isn’t looing quite so chunky as the flash and blood model. The number of times they used a body double in Captain America for the bum shots was troubling (I cry fraud!).

  2. I saw Winter Soldier again yesterday after I saw Amazing Spider-Man 2. Scarlett was awesome in that movie. I’ve never found her hotter.

    Amazing Spider-Man 2 was just that: Amazing. Great story, great cast, great acting, funny script. The action scenes are spectacular, Andrew Garfield comes into his own as Spider-Man, Emma Stone was a lovable as ever and all the villains played well. Jaime Foxx was great as Electro/Max Dillon, Harry Osborn was played well, even Rhino was good for the short time he was around (love Paul Giamatti). A+

    Superhero movies have really been on hot-streak lately. I hope it stays that way.

  3. Is that life sized? And does it have any holes?

  4. That’s a cool poster you got in your bedroom, Fish.

  5. Cock Dr

    So Lara Croft.

  6. So realistic, it falls over.

    • Lou Braccant

      I collect Hot Toys, been doing it for a few years now and I’ve got to say, they are getting so incredibly realistic, it’s scary!! This one in real life will blow your hair back, very realistic and the paint work is incredible.

  7. Is this the two orifice or three orifice model?

  8. Frank Burns

    With 80% more plastic than the real thing.

  9. That zipper better be movable.

  10. “Mommy, my doll makes me feel funny.”

  11. NutSlut

    Where’s RealDoll’s pseudo-illegal Swedish holding company when you need some companies bought and image use rights infringed?

    • Marketing Mike

      Cool! Where do I order the 5′ tall inflatable version?
      I’ve got my Credit Card ready…

  12. anonym

    is it made from silicone?

  13. And now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to go put on my Giant Man costume.

  14. I actually own this. Or at least, the version from The Avengers. Yes, it does look exactly like her. And the sex is awesome.

  15. Man, these Hot Toys guys don’t fuck around.

  16. That’s a damn good action figure.

  17. It’s emoting too much. That’s how I knew it wasn’t actually her.

  18. Elf

    Is that thing fully inflated?

  19. Daaaaaaaaammmmm…. Anna Paquin be lookin’ fine!

  20. PassingTrue

    Thousands of nerds will be spending extra time in the basement (or debasement) this summer… ruining the warranty, as it were.

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