1. Ronaldo

    Its kind of weird to be exercising with those positions in the public, but i do have to commend his arms….they are ripped.

  2. ben dover


  3. It’s hard work staying in shape to be the Wolverine, but he does it so well. I can’t see anybody else as Logan.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …still too tall, and does’nt truly have that savage nature.
      …a young (pre-psycho) mel gibson would’a been perfection.

  4. For the last time, I am NOT going to call you the wolverine!

  5. Cock Dr

    Interested to see if Hugh continues very public workouts with male trainer as weather warms and if so will clothing coverage decrease dramatically?

  6. Why would a famous person work out in public in NYC? Maybe it’s the only way he can keep himself from trying to touch the trainer’s penis.

  7. “Just two straight dudes getting buff. Nothing to see here.”

  8. “Man… to be so close to Hamm’s third leg… yet so far away..” *hanging is his head down*
    “Yeah, man. What a major bummer. I feel for you, dude.”

  9. MFer

    That doesn’t look gay at all.

  10. Vlad

    Aardvarking in the Park

  11. Johnny Barbells

    …he’s just fucking with us at this point.

  12. Does he not own a house with a gym and backyard?

  13. Monastery. Cloister. Cave. Prison.

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