1. Deacon Jones

    The instant he hears her personalized ring tone

  2. pbjuicy

    Hey Mister,

    Tell me about the time you banked that one chick when your wife was home taking care your four kids.

  3. Douche McDouche.

  4. Hey kid, give McDermott your hoodie—it goes with his posture.

  5. You wouldn’t be walking too well if you just tried to fuck a Victoria’s Secret mannequin, either.

  6. fred

    He is doing an impression of his wife’s wonky tits.

  7. Hey Dean, what’s your defense for cheating on Tori Spelling?



  8. coljack

    “Hey, Dad, any idea which skanky ho you’re going to bang next?”

    “Eh, whichever one says yes.”

  9. This stretch is designed to create a matching his/hers gaping hole in the middle of the chest.

  10. journalschism

    “Four words: Can you blame me?”

  11. donkeylicks

    “Hold up, Dad are you having a stroke?”
    “what? No!.. No, your mom just asked me into the dressing room… she wanted my opinion on which bra I liked the best.”

  12. Gee, Tori is going to be really pissed that your stroke hit when the reality tv cameras weren’t rolling.

  13. Vlad

    Court Ordered Chastity Sleeve Activated

  14. Lou Braccant

    So let me get this straight, he puts his dick an chick who looks like an aborted horse fetus with a wonky pair of bolt-ons and now he’s worthy of a picture credit?

  15. tlmck

    Surgeon General’s warning: Being married to Tori Spelling can cause strokes.

  16. Looks like he started to make a run for it and Tori yanked on the fishing line.

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