1. Ronaldo

    No way! That is a man in drag. Well, mayyybe it is her.

  2. pbjuicy

    Don’t do drugs kids.

  3. Big Ang? Oh sorry—I meant, Dog the Bounty Hunter?

  4. Sean Bean was a more convincing woman.

  5. Are you sure this isn’t another Goldie Hawn photo??

  6. The white Kim Khardashian.

  7. Courtney is looking much better in that pic.

  8. btreese

    No…that’s not C Love….

  9. bob

    that’s dog the bounty hunter

  10. first though – Sally Kirkland. WOW.

  11. Well, at least Kurt dodged that bullet.

    Too soon?

  12. The sequel is going to be so much better now that they’ve cast ET.

  13. The Mapes Hotel

    Courtney does waaaaaaayyyy to many hard drugs to be that fat, can’t be her. Crack and meth make you skinny.

  14. I’ll be in my booth. Bring me a sausage.

  15. Refresh my memory. When did John Conner put Arnold in drag in Terminator 2?

  16. Flatliner

    If she gets any bigger, she’s going to have to rename the band to Black Hole.

  17. …well …that escalated quickly.

  18. Slowly turning into Big Bertha – can’t believe I actually know who that is.

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