1. Looks like Steven was double dog dared to goose the President.

  2. JT

    *snicker* He’s gonna do “Dick-in-a-Box” ! *giggle*

  3. “BO phone hommmmmmmme.”

  4. HE HE I put “Kick Me” on his back!

  5. Tiggles

    “Oh, sweet! I’m close enough to ask the President which warehouse is storing the Ark of the Covenant!”

  6. BB

    Terrifyingly wax-statue-like actual-human versions of Steven Spielberg and President Obama at The USC Shoah Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala in Century City, CA. (May 7, 2014)

  7. This is one pope, one airplane and two parachutes shy of a great joke.

  8. what is this award for killing another 100 Yemenis?

  9. this gala hands out bottles of Belvedere Vodka as trophies?

  10. PassingTrue

    Sorry Steven, it’ll take more than special effects to make this guy into a success, the media has already tried.

    • He’s had more successes than failures, which is a goddamn miracle considering how much conservatives have tried to hamstring him.

  11. blacks and jews giggling

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