1. Boy,

    Can you go bring the car around?

  2. Frank Burns

    Sam: “Yes, they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell . . . for serving us room-temperature chardonnay!”
    Judy: “Sam, I judge you guilty – of being hilarious!”

  3. The wealthiest person in show business and Samuel L. Jackson.

  4. “I would definitely put you in jail.”

    “Oh, no you woo-ent.”

  5. broduhjenner

    she’s all like “guilty!”

  6. Richie Cunningham’s mom has the jungle fever?

  7. Judge Judy shares a light moment with one of the few black men she’s encountered that she didn’t end up incarcerating.

  8. This is the police

    He’s tapping that ass

  9. …this is like the set up for a joke.

  10. Spartacus

    Blue pill?

  11. PassingTrue

    So then he says, may we dance with your women.

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