1. She looks nice here. She has a weird face but at the right angle, you can see why she gets the big bucks.

    • i gotta disagree. i think she’s the most overrated supermodel that ever supermodeled. Brady dumped Bridget Moynahan for this skeletor. still can’t grasp that one.

      • Oh, she’s overrated for sure, but in this photo she at least looks more like someone you could see being a supermodel than usual.

        And ‘skeletor’ is sadly the supermodel look these days.

  2. Cock Dr

    I’m sure waving that big skirt around will immeasurably help the rainforest.

  3. Juch

    “I’m delighted to have flown 4,000 miles to put on this dress for the environment. Its a carbon footprint of fun!”

  4. Oh come on, she wore an appropriate color. What more do you need from her?

  5. fred

    “Fuck you, ugly people!”

  6. “lookat meh! i havent eaten carbs in 10 years”

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