1. Oh, to have that job…

  2. yourmom

    An ass that needs it’s own stylist…

  3. “How can there be wrinkles in anything that stretched?!?”

  4. I wish I was that man right now. Would I be able to resist grabbing a handful? I doubt it. Sexual assault charges are incoming.

  5. “If something jumps out of here at me, I’ll start screaming.”

  6. fred

    “Yep. We are going to have to widen the door, boys.”

  7. david(guest)


  8. Her ass consists of interchangeable attachments. She’s like the kingpin in Enter the Dragon.

  9. We’re going to need another table cloth over here, stat.

  10. I don’t know why exactly, but looking at this photo I am remended of the Hindenburg Disaster.

  11. Is this a real job?…Don’t tell Zaloog.

  12. Flatliner

    I wouldn’t mind plowing that ass but I fear that you would literally need a plow or one of those 4×4 space doohickies from Armageddon to traverse that tunnel.

  13. You remember Armageddon. *Points and laughs* :D

  14. limeseeds

    See, how she leans her cheek upon his hand!
    O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
    That I might touch that cheek!

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