1. Ronaldo

    Why??? Why? are these people famous!!!!
    They shouldn’t!! Oh yes. Kim’s sex tape. Perfect reason to make the entire family millionaires

  2. Deacon Jones


  3. She looks like a skinny, flat-chested Kat Dennings here.

  4. Must be nice to have millions of dollars essentially plop from your family’s asses into your lap from birth.

  5. Don’t you mean Kylie Jenner’s mom posted this to Instagram?

  6. Marketing Mike

    Just out of frame to the right…
    The HUGE Black microphone they all practice on.

  7. …pretty sure she’s just sitting in Kendall’s makeup chair when after she was finished and walked on to the shoot/walk. Good try, though.

  8. Spleen

    The whorification is becoming strong in this one.

  9. Whitney

    How soon before she ‘leaks’ an iner-racial anal/pee tape?

  10. Every day’s a new day to learn how to be a successful (fame)whore.

  11. Chaz Dean

    Let’s all play dress up! Everyday!!! These two look like a couple of real dips**ts!!!

  12. Robb7

    This young one will surpass them all in whoring. I see lots of black dick, pregnancies, sex tapes, and nude pics ad nauseum.

  13. JeanBaptiste

    Mankind has suffered through seven years of Kim and her horrible family and now we’ve got these up-and-coming horrid little creatures ready to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the Kardashian franchise in the public eye, for a whole new generation. Like a stye, like pinkeye. Fuck. 18? And 16? Holy fucking fuck. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck! They’ve got years of vapid, mindless, insipid attention-whoring in ‘em yet: they haven’t even really started hitting their stride. Why can’t this whole family just go down in a plane crash? Or have some kind of “This is The End” disaster take them out of the picture? Whenever I see a Kardashian or Jenner, I think of two things: the movies “Death Becomes Her” (for obvious reasons) and “Natural Born Killers” (the scene where Micky and Mallory have the words “Demon.” and “Too Much TV.” projected onto them. I’m telling you, these fuckers aren’t human…

  14. pbjuicy

    The famewhore is strong with this one.

  15. Cece

    Why isnt anyone talking about that stick in the background that looks like the thing from that movie “mama” lmfao

  16. Aw, she’s a woman now. It must suck for her that her dad got there first.

  17. She is attractive. To bad she is attached to the Kardashian clan.

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