1. Bob

    In every photo set of Mark Wahlberg there’s always one of him making sure the ‘roids are leaving him something for the future.

  2. Johnny P!

    Calvin Klein called.
    You can keep the undies.

  3. “Yo, does anyone know if it’s bad if you get that spray tan shit on your balls? Mine are itchin’ like a motherfuck.”

  4. userofalltrades

    “I miss my prosthetic dick”

  5. He appears to have a Situation…for a face.

  6. He thinks he’s David Beckham!

  7. Mike701

    Lindsay Lohan? What was I thinking? scratch..scratch..scratch

  8. it’s still heah, bahely.

  9. Mark, you know that make cremes for that.

  10. kec232

    I guess Afrojack wasn’t the only one banging Paris.

  11. Minky Wail

    The Rock has a midget to do that for him.

  12. Bigalkie

    He is a midget…He’s like Rodney Dangerfield.. ” We need shorter actor’s”.

  13. Rocking the Kevin Federlein look…

  14. sexyman48

    “Tell YOUR mother to say hi to these!”

  15. Vlad

    I got your pain right here!

  16. Ollie

    His “terrorism sense” is tingling

  17. MarkM

    Look at me, I’m from an alternate Earth where Justin Beaber is older, and not gay!

  18. Someone forgot to take his Valtrex.

  19. “Forget about the car key. I’ll just pull this plug and fly there.”

  20. Napoupi

    Paris Hilton was here.

  21. Marky Mark checks on the Funky Bunch.

  22. Hume

    “hey, did you say hi to your mother for me? I was just thinkin of her.”

  23. K-tron

    How did I know, before I even scrolled down past his face in this photo, that Marky Mark was grabbing his business?

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